Roll Camera! Reprint & Expansion

Created by Malachi Ray Rempen

The filmmaking board game is back with a B-movie bang! Work together to shoot a genre-bending masterpiece or disastrous cult classic. Please note: All orders will be automatically locked and charged. Please be sure your order details are final before submitting.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Ships are sailing! Rails are rolling! Addresses are LOCKING!
22 days ago – Fri, Jul 22, 2022 at 10:40:35 PM

Addresses are locking on Monday!

That's Monday, July 25th for you. I meant to give you more heads up notice but I was oddly out of the loop on a couple freight emails and it turns out that most of the ships (and train for EU, and truck for Asia) with your games are already on their way! The only one we're waiting on is the UK ship, which is scheduled to depart on the 22nd. Delays can absolutely happen at the port of arrival, but I still think September is a safe bet for your game to be in your hands. But it's out of my hands now, so we're all waiting together.

BUT that does mean I need to get your address locked and delivered to the various fulfillment hubs ASAP. All addresses are locking this coming Monday the 25th. So if you're planning to move sometime in the next few months, now is a great time to retrieve your survey and update your mailing address!

But even if you have to move for some surprise reason or something, after the addresses are locked - just get in touch with me directly, and we'll work something out. At that point I have to do things manually but it's still possible.

BerlinCon was fun!

If you came by our booth this past weekend and said hi - thanks! It was great to meet you. I always LOVE meeting people who play my games or read my comic - so much of my day to day is just me, my drawing tablet and my email inbox. It's fantastic to see faces, shake hands (or bump fists), take photos, etc. 

Hope to see you at GenCon as well!

Your pal,


PPC is here! Production almost done! Conventions! Design diary!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jul 08, 2022 at 03:32:35 AM

The PPC is here!

Click to watch the unboxing video!

Hey filmmakers!

Thank you very very much for your patience these past weeks. I always want to keep you in the loop, and this time I didn't have much loop for you until the PPC (pre-production copy) arrived, so I wanted to wait for that. And then it got caught in German customs for way longer than necessary (they kept calling me, being like, WHAT IS THIS and I kept saying A BOARD GAME SAMPLE and they were like WHAT) - but it finally arrived, and it looks fantastic! Here's a little unboxing for ya:

So you might be sad now, thinking "oh PRE production copy, meaning production hasn't even started yet?? Dang it" well - cheer up! Because this isn't so much a pre-PRODUCTION copy as a pre-ASSEMBLY copy. I had already approved both digital proofs and the printed sheets of everything, so really there were no surprises here. The factory and I agreed that to catch up on delays following the Shanghai lockdowns we should start printing and only make changes if there were any major issues. Which - there are not.

So what's that mean?

It means production is 99% DONE!! As we speak they are cutting the final decks of cards and boxing it all up. We've already booked freight space on ships for the US, UK, and AUS hubs, and - get this - a TRAIN for the EU games. Yeah turns out shipping is so crazy right now that it's cheaper and faster to send the EU games from China to Germany by rail. 

Now "booking" a ship doesn't mean that we have a schedule, strange as that may seem, it just means we have reserved space. My freight partner assures me that everything is still fully nuts out there right now so anything can happen, but estimates 8-9 weeks for US/UK boats. Unfortunately there are lots of delays happening at the ports right now so it's really hard to give anything more concrete than a best guess.

If I had to pick a time you can expect your game, I would say early September is a good bet. Which, hey! Still puts us ahead of my estimate when the campaign launched. I'm pretty thrilled about that.


Berlin BrettspielCon: booth 3-C-12

If you're coming to the Berlin BrettspielCon I will be there! I can't NOT be there, living in Berlin as I do. I'll be at booth 3-C-12. Come say hi!

GenCon - booth #2310 (Grand Gamers Guild)

If you're coming to GenCon, I will be there as well, but not with a Keen Bean Studio booth - I'll be at the booth of my US partner, Grand Gamers Guild (#2310). Also come say hi!

Can I pick up my game / expansion at either of these conventions?

In theory, yes. I have air freighted a small number of games from China for both of these conventions, so if you absolutely must have your game / expansion, I will give it to you IF you contact me ( beforehand and get written confirmation from me. That's so I can check that you backed it and that you won't get sent a duplicate later.

BUT: if you can wait to get your game delivered via normal fulfillment, I would ask that you please do. The air freight cost me an arm and a leg, so any sales I make are already marginal at best - I'm mostly doing it because as a small publisher I need to have a presence at these shows. If you pick up your game that's an additional sale I can't make. But like I said I won't stand between you and your copy if you really want it as soon as possible - as long as we confirm it beforehand.

I hope that's fair! 

Roll Camera video design diary!

At the end of May I did a livestream design diary for Roll Camera. It was great! We went through the game's design stages from conception through to final version, including all the pizza box prototypes and weirdo TTS design branches. It was a fun trip through the archives, and I was joined by my brother Erik who was there every step of the way.

You can watch it here:

That's it for now!

We are getting very close now to you getting your copy of Roll Camera and/or the B-Movie Expansion! I'm so excited for you to get it. It's such a thrill getting that first PPC, the first time the whole thing is all together as one product after SO much time and effort. The production quality could not be better on this thing - I'm so happy. I hope you love playing it as much as I've loved making it!

I'll keep you updated when I have more freight information, and probably won't post another update until then. In the meantime if you need anything I'm most easily reachable at the friendly Keen Bean Studio Discord, or here on Kickstarter's comments or messages. I read them all.


Your pal


Cards charging, PM locking! Dev diary stream! TTS! GenCon!
3 months ago – Tue, May 24, 2022 at 01:44:26 AM

Reminder: orders locking & cards charging on June 1st

Oh, hello there, filmmakers! Thanks for reading. Should have opened with that.

But yes, it's important to get your attention and remind you that as stated in previous updates, pledge manager orders are locking and your cards for addons and shipping will be charged on June 1st. After that point you will not be able to make changes to your order without going through me manually, so if only for the sake of my own sanity please double-check it all looks good!

But: addresses are NOT locking yet!

Yes, you will still be able to change your addresses until July 1st at the earliest. So there's time to squeeze in a move!

If you have any questions or issues just PM me or email me at Happy to help.

What else is going on? Lots!

Roll Camera Design Post-Mortem Livestream: Saturday, May 28!

As I've said before, I've been wanting to do a design diary / post-mortem type video on Roll Camera and its development, which was very interesting. So, I'm going to livestream that trip through the Roll Camera archives on Twitch this Saturday, May 28th, at 7am PST / 10am EST / 4pm CET. I'll go through most of the design's highlights from first draft to final, talking about some of the decisions made along the way. I'll be joined by my brother Erik, a (video) game designer himself, who was also there through most of the game's various iterations. 

Come on by and say hi! It'll also serve as a Q&A where you can ask anything you like. If you can't make it, no worries: when it's done I'll be uploading the stream to the Keen Bean Studio youtube channel for later consumption at your convenience.

Final Tabletop Simulator mod is up!

Click to get the mod!

I've worked with the TTS dev and Roll Camera and the B-Movie Expansion are fully up on Tabletop Simulator right now, with all content added, updated and the mod fully scripted. It's awesome if you need a Roll Camera fix right away.

I've been hearing some buzz about Tabletop Playground recently. I've tried and failed with Tabletopia, but I'm always open to new software. I've heard TTP is also pretty good for development. Has anyone used it? Would you recommend it over TTS? 

How's production of the game going?

Pretty good, thanks for asking. Despite lockdowns and delays in Shanghai, the factory is estimating I should get the PPC (pre-production copy) of the expansion in a couple weeks, and pending approval of that, the project should be complete by the beginning of July. I always add a week or two onto that for loading/packing/etc. After that point my freight partner has estimated up to 8-9 weeks for freight, depending on the destination region of course - Australia for example almost always gets stuff first, since they're physically closest to China. But that's not a guarantee. I'm not going to make any further schedule predictions until production has wrapped and we're getting games on ships. The freight world is still a bit wobbly right now. Let's wait and see. 

The good news is, we are on track to hit our delivery estimates! All except one, actually: GenCon.

Regarding GenCon

As you may know, conventions are an extremely important revenue stream for indie game publishers. So as you can imagine I was really hoping to have the expansion ready to sell at the GenCon booth of Grand Gamers Guild, my US partner. I've already booked tickets from Germany and accommodation to be there. But the delays and freight uncertainty mean there's almost no chance of getting the expansion to Indianapolis in time.

There is another option - air freight. Of course it's VERY expensive to send games by air, so if I did do this it would only be a handful, but it might still be worth it for the bit of profit I can eke out of the sales to offset the expense of going there. I'm not sure yet. But I'd like to hear your thoughts to help inform my decision. Because of course, if you're going to be there too, I'd like to offer you the chance to pick up your copy of the game and/or expansion while you're there (and I'd love to meet you, as well!). 

So: if you are planning to attend GenCon and you've backed or pre-ordered Roll Camera or the expansion, please answer this little poll.

This will help me gauge whether it's worth doing. If indeed I did end up offering pickup at GenCon, you would need to sign up on a list beforehand, and it's unlikely I would have any addons. But I'll keep you posted. I also don't want anyone who isn't going to GenCon to feel left out. That's why I'm being transparent - I need GenCon as a business, but I value you as a backer more. So, let me know your thoughts.

Either way, I WILL be attending GenCon, so I'd love to meet you there! I'll let you know the booth # when I have it.

That's it! Seen any good films?

I watched Everything Everywhere All at Once, and it's still settling in my brain. I absolutely laughed, I quite possibly cried, it was a lot of fun, and I am always a fan of films that make full use of cinema as a medium for their stories - but weirdly, I'm not sure I actually liked it. And I don't know what to make of that. I have been following Daniels for a while though and I do think they are THE most creative filmmakers in action right now. The fact that this movie is doing gangbusters business means maybe they'll get to do something big-budget, which would just be great to see. And I'm always happy to cheer on original films, considering how rarely they are made these days. I still think I preferred Swiss Army Man to EEAAO, though. Time will tell!

That's me, and I hope you are doing super.

Your pal,


Of paper proofs and golden geeks
4 months ago – Thu, Apr 28, 2022 at 03:51:28 AM

B-Movie paper proofs have been approved!

It's more organized than it looks, I swear

I'm visiting my parents in New Mexico right now, so I had the factory ship me the paper proofs for the B-Movie Expansion here to their awesome ranch house (that's my son, far more interested in legos, in the background). I love the paper proofs; they're nothing more than the e-proofs printed out on big sheets of regular glossy paper, but it's fun to see the game's artwork in its actual size. The point of the sheets is to approve the colors of all the game's elements. And lemme tell you, it all looks GREAT! I've given the factory my approval. They've already started manufacturing the base game reprint and the non-paper expansion components (wooden tokens mostly) and now they can start on the expansion. 

I always keep one sheet framed as a memento, but the rest I will happily mail to YOU, dear backer, if you'd like them, for whatever purpose you desire. The first US resident to write YES I'LL HAVE THESE COOL PAPER SHEETS in the comments will get these mailed to them to the address on file in Backerkit! 

Roll Camera nominated for 2 Golden Geeks! 

Click to vote! Last time, I promise!

"Uh, Mal, didn't I already vote for this?"

Sort of! Thanks to you, Roll Camera was nominated for the Golden Geek in two categories: Thematic and Cooperative. Super cool! That's already a big honor, and a huge step toward making this game more visible. Now there's a second round of voting to determine the winner. If I haven't already exhausted all your patience and goodwill, have a click and a vote - maybe we can win! Competition is steep (I mean come on, Sleeping Gods is in both those categories, and that's one magnificent game), but who knows? 

Okay okay, I'm pretty sure that's all the voting I'll ask you to do for Roll Camera. Enough already, right?? I'm pretty sure the only big award left is the Spiel des Jahres, and unless I'm mistaken, there's no voting involved. You're off the hook - or aus dem Schneider, as it were.

That's it for now!

I'll be thinking of you as I enjoy some trademark New Mexican green chile enchiladas...ohhhhh baby, I'm hungry. 

See you next update!

Your pal,


Dice Tower award! Golden Geek award! And a few other things!
4 months ago – Fri, Apr 15, 2022 at 04:58:21 AM

Help me nominate Roll Camera for a Golden Geek award!

Help me get this little filmmaking game some gosh-dang respect!

Hey filmmakers!

One of the refrains I've been hearing a lot from reviewers of Roll Camera! is that it is underrated and/or just not talked about as much as it deserves to be. That buck stops with me, I'm afraid - I assume I'm just not yet as skilled as some of the other larger publishers at getting that big ol' marketing machine churning.

But - I do have you! If you've played Roll Camera and agree that it could do with some more visibility, nominating Roll Camera for one of BGG's Golden Geek awards would be a big, big help.

I did find out yesterday that Roll Camera was nominated for Best Theming by the Dice Tower - that was also incredibly gratifying to see! So, fingers crossed - a one-two punch of Dice Tower and Golden Geek noms could really put Roll Camera on the map. More than anything I want to dress Roll Camera in a smart tuxedo and top hat for its red carpet premiere.

How's printing going?

In classic Murphy's Law fashion, literally the very day after I posted my last update, in which I said all the files were approved and the factory was ready to begin - Shanghai was thrust into a massive COVID-19 lockdown which is only now easing up, very very slowly. I've been in touch with the factory employees - who luckily are doing well despite reported food shortages in the city - and it seems they can start with at least part of the production. I've asked for a revised timeline which they will deliver when they know more. Of course right now it's impossible for them to provide an accurate schedule.

But, that's why schedules have contingencies. Provided printing can indeed start soon, we should be okay. I've done everything I can on my end, and now it's time to put on our lucky underwear and hope for the best.

Pledge Manager closing / cards charging June 1

That's still the plan, so if you need to make changes to your order, you've still got time. 

Anything else?

I will do a livestream dev diary / port-mortem, probably later next month. It will be recorded afterward so you can have a gander even if you can't make it to throw hardball questions at me live.

Also, I've got a few new games in various stages of development. If you're interested in following along, please join us over in the friendly Keen Bean Studio Discord! I have a dev channel there where I post regular updates, if that sort of thing appeals to you.

What have you been watching recently? I've been watching the Apple+ show Severance, which is so, so good. It's just the right mix of weird and emotional. I have to imagine one of the main inspirations for the Lumen corporation is Apple itself, though. Kinda strange considering they're bankrolling it. 

I gotta say, series is where all the good "movies" have gone. I can't really think of a proper film I've seen recently that I thought was really outstanding. Dune had great worldbuilding but I find the story pretty old-fashioned; Coda was fine, I guess, but Best Picture? The Batman was definitely the most Batman I've seen in a while, hooray? But series have been killing it: Mare of Easttown, For All Mankind, Ozark, The Righteous Gemstones, Only Murders in the Building - it's like all the great mid-range (ie, smaller than a huge studio blockbuster but bigger than a tiny indie movie) content has gone to streaming. And that's exactly the range Roll Camera tries to capture - hmm, I wonder whether there could be a Roll Camera Series somehow? 🤔

All right, that's enough outta me! Have a great one-

Your pal