Roll Camera! Reprint & Expansion

Created by Malachi Ray Rempen

The filmmaking board game is back with a B-movie bang! Work together to shoot a genre-bending masterpiece or disastrous cult classic. Please note: All orders will be automatically locked and charged. Please be sure your order details are final before submitting.

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Voting day 9 is up! Also: new premium addon and reward tier announcement!
10 months ago – Thu, Oct 21, 2021 at 11:57:07 PM

Pictured: two. What you'll get: thirty.

The metal dice were so popular that I got to thinking about other ways we could upgrade our Roll Camera games. I especially like when publishers make premium upgrades for components that you often touch or move during the game (you'd be surprised how often they choose the stuff that just sits there!). So the genre tokens seemed like the right expansion component to give the premium treatment.

These addon tokens will be the same designs and quantity as the regular expansion (6x of each of the 5 genre types: western, sci fi, fantasy, horror, crime) made out of wood and printed with color designs (I haven't settled on the printing method yet - screen printed or heat transfer - this will depend on playability, and I'll keep you updated in the months to come when I get samples), and they will be as thick as I can make them while still ensuring that they will fit in the base game tray along with everything else.

I've also created a new pledge tier where you can just get it all in one place:

Yes, I'm aware you don't get any savings for this pledge level "combo", but I want to make sure backers of the first Roll Camera campaign are not missing out on a deal. They made this whole thing possible, after all. This pledge level is basically just a place where you can have it all together - the addons cost the same if you add them separately through a different pledge level. Maybe that's a big dumb waste of time, or maybe it's an ingenious sales strategy to get new backers to plump for the addons - only time will tell!

Okay, back to set everyone! We've got cameras to roll:

Voting day 9 is up!

Our story so far:

Click to vote on the next upgrade!

It's quite a b-movie classic we're making here, wouldn't you agree? I'm loving how twisty and turny this movie is becoming - I would not be lying if I said I would pay full price to see this film in theaters. Seeing the editing room above is like seeing a trailer that doesn't give anything away - did the bumbling thief help the hero escape the spiders through a card game?? Who can say?

Click to vote on what the next game upgrade should be! 

Have you seen Only Murders in the Building?

It's awesome! It's a satire of murder mysteries that somehow manages to be also an excellent example of one. And very stylistic, in a way that is not annoying. Style often gets in the way of substance, but not in this one. A good one to watch to take story notes for when you make your own crime b-movies with the Roll Camera expansion!

Your pal,


Voting day 8 is up! Spotlight: Middle Script Cards!
10 months ago – Thu, Oct 21, 2021 at 07:00:44 AM

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Voting day 8 is here - we voted for the bumbling thief yesterday. Today, how shall our story continue?!

Spotlight: Middle Script Cards


Since we just upgraded the game to add 5 more middle Script cards to the B-Movie Expansion (bringing it to 20 total!), I thought we'd spotlight these little fellas in today's update.

In the base game of Roll Camera!, the Script cards have two halves - a top, and a bottom. You can see them in the image above - "Chocolate &" and "Broken Dreams." The script forms the title of your film, and also identifies the endgame bonus of Quality you'll have depending on the type of movie you've shot. In this case for example, the top half indicates you'd get +2 Quality for each green and yellow Scene in the Editing Room, and +3 Quality if you have three blue Scenes next to each other (the colors correspond to the Scene's emotional content). 

However it is possible to have certain games of Roll Camera where you can ignore the Script completely. You don't NEED the endgame bonus Quality in every game - in most you do, but not all. Some people find this delightfully thematic for a scrappy independent film production willing to put finishing the film over the script itself, but some find it a bit of a loose point in the game's design, and I can understand that.

The B-Movie Expansion introduces a third "half" of the script: the middle! This card slides right between the top and bottom, and not only does it expand your film's title in whimsically genre-riffic ways, it also provides a new endgame win condition. That means, unlike the top and bottom halves, you MUST fulfill the requirements of the middle Script in order to win. 

The middle script provides genre requirements. In the image above, "Cosmic" indicates that you must have 4x horror (bat) tokens and 2x sci-fi (robot) tokens in your final film in order to win the game. If not, you lose. This is on top of staying on your budget and schedule and keeping your Quality out of the red zone of mediocrity! Of course, there are lots of ways to manage this - many of the new ideas, actions, player powers and Equipment cards can impact the genre tokens, both in the Storyboard and Editing Room (and new Problems will, too). Also, any action or power from the base game that impacts the Script, letting you change it out for another one, can also impact the middle half.

The middle scripts are awesome - they make the game more challenging, more complex, and more thematically hilarious with your films' new title possibilities. I mean, come on - who would not want to see a film called Chocolate & Cosmic Broken Dreams?? Good choice adding +5 of them to the expansion!

That's it for now

I promise :)

Your pal,


Back from Essen! It was crazy! Voting is back as well!
10 months ago – Wed, Oct 20, 2021 at 03:50:40 PM

Essen - Day 1

Essen was awesome!

It was so fun meeting and playing Roll Camera with many of you - if you're reading this because you came by, played the game, and then became a backer - THANKS!! You are great. We all had a blast.

Last year, when I made the order for the first run of Roll Camera, I knew I wanted to come to Essen and ordered 200 extra copies. I gotta admit, when we first stocked the booth, I thought I'd made a mistake. I couldn't imagine selling that many games. I figured we'd be trucking a few cartons back home with us. 

Well - by Friday evening we had SOLD OUT ALL of those 200 copies!!

Essen - Day 2...??!!!

I had to ask the warehouse to send over everything we had left - just 40 copies of the clapper box, which we sold out by noon the next day. Luckily we have a reprint Kickstarter running at the same time, huh?! 

Unreal - the response was just amazing. Everyone was so enthusiastic and excited to play and have the game. So much fun!

And you know what, although I am now completely exhausted - it was one of my favorite weekends all year. I have to admit, sometimes this gig is a bit lonely. Backers like you can easily disappear behind email addresses and internet avatars. Conventions like Essen Spiel are a great way to put a human face to the players of the games we make. I am always DELIGHTED to meet anyone and everyone that comes up. It's incredibly motivating.

So, the next time you're at a con we're at - definitely come say hi. It means a lot to me.

Voting is back!

Click to vote!

We've got a movie to make, people!!

For those of you just joining us (and you are many, considering how much the campaign has jumped since the last update - wow!): most days of the campaign we'll be having a vote for which upgrades you want to add to the B-Movie Expansion. In doing so, we "shoot" a "movie" that more or less makes sense along the way! So far it's got zombies, aliens, dragons, spiders...will it also have robots?? You decide!

That's it for now!

See you tomorrow!

Your pal,


Ruel @RahdoRunsThrough Stream Starting Soon!
10 months ago – Wed, Oct 20, 2021 at 03:49:49 PM

Sorry for the second update folks, but I forgot to mention this (still a bit braindead from Essen): Ruel from Rahdo Runs Through will be streaming a playthrough of Roll Camera and the B-Movie Expansion in 40 min - 11am Pacific Time! It'll be a great way to see how the expansion plays. Of course you can also watch the replay later on.



Day 6 of voting is up! TTS mod fixed! Essen!
10 months ago – Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 02:02:04 AM

Act One of our film is in the can!

Click to vote!

And what an act one it is. Kings, dragons, meteors, zombies, aliens...!!! This b-movie truly has it all. Now we've just hit what's called the "break into two" - or the break into Act Two. Here be to speak. What will actually be here? You decide!

Voting will then take a break until October 19

...because next week I'm going to be at Essen Spiel!

Come say hi if you're in town!

Our booth is #5C111 (even got our logo in the book ^_^) - if you'll be there, I'd love to meet you. 

I will still be active here in the comments and I'll probably send out an update or two. But voting will be on hold until we're back on the 19th.


The Tabletop Simulator mod has been fixed!

Test out Roll Camera + the expansion for free!

If you want to play Roll Camera before it arrives - or just take a gander through some of the components - the fantastic Mike Belsole scripted it all beautifully. It had some bugs, but now he reports it should be working again. 

If you want to find someone to play online with, try asking in the Keen Bean Studio Discord! There are lots of friendly folks there.

Last time we talked about b-movies, but

what good movies (b-movie or not) have you seen recently? I saw the Father with Anthony Hopkins - wow. Easily my favorite film of the year. They do so much with so little - and it's terrifying. Not in a spooky zombie way, but in a real-world way. Just an incredible film.

I also saw Dune, and liked it quite a lot - I'm a fan of all of Denis Villeneuve's work, and this was no exception. Made me want to read the book again. My favorite thing about it was the design. Sci-fi always looks so generic, you know? Villeneuve is the right man to bring an edge of weirdness to the sci-fi design of Dune, separate it from everything that came before. Something about it being just one half of the story kinda made it feel a bit untethered, but it was fine. I liked it.

I also saw No Time to Die, the last Craig Bond film, and yeah it was a nice wrap-up to his series, I think. I like that the Craig Bonds have a whole arc, beginning to end, much unlike the previous generations of Bonds. I think that was an interesting take. It's definitely silly ("NOW HACKING BLOFELD'S BIONIC EYE" lol), but James Bond is silly. I'm okay with that. I wonder where they'll take the franchise from here though. It just doesn't feel like you could dress anyone up in a tux and go back to the old antics. I feel like we've moved on from that...but if you change too much, it's not really Bond anymore, is it? I guess we'll see!

Hmm, you know...we did unlock "community vote" genre Scene cards - maybe Spy could be one of the options? Any other good subgenre ideas?

Your pal


Said no one ever