Roll Camera! Reprint & Expansion

Created by Malachi Ray Rempen

The filmmaking board game is back with a B-movie bang! Work together to shoot a genre-bending masterpiece or disastrous cult classic. Please note: All orders will be automatically locked and charged. Please be sure your order details are final before submitting.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Backerkit has shipping costs! Community vote scene card art! Status update!
8 months ago – Sun, Dec 19, 2021 at 01:33:29 AM

Shipping prices implemented

Thanks for your patience, all - your order in the pledge manager (accessible via this link) now has shipping costs visible. It was a bit of a hassle to get set up, so it's quite possible I made a mistake somewhere. If it doesn't look quite right, please shoot me an email at!

Also note: to make good on my promise of free shipping for addons and extra copies, I had to do shipping in a weight-based setup - but I also have to use the same setup for retailers purchasing by the carton. This means that for most regions, there is a price jump after your order weighs more than 8 kg / 17.6 lbs total - far more than 99% of you will need (the game + expansion + every single addon weighs 2.7 kg / 6 lbs). BUT, I did say during the campaign that you could order up to 9 additional copies of the game at the same shipping rate. 9 copies of the base game will weigh over 10 kg, so I am sorry to say that wasn't possible to set up. If you're in that 1% of backers though, get in touch via email and I might be able to work something out with you manually.

TLDR: shipping prices are in Backerkit, email me if something looks off!

IMPORTANT NOTE: your cards are NOT being charged yet! Again, this is how Backerkit does it, so I'm rolling with it even though I find it a bit strange - we will charge your cards when or even after we lock the pledge manager, which should be March next year at the earliest. So you've got some time.

 Community Vote scene card artwork finished!

Big thanks to all of those who voted and chimed in with your thoughts on the 5 "community vote" Scene cards. Although the poll wasn't strictly scientific, I used it as a starting point. I did end up using the top-voted genre for the tragic (blue), violent (red), and dramatic (green) scenes. For the comedic (purple) scenes, Road Trip and Movie About Making Movies were at 65.3% and 65.2% respectively (you can see what I mean that this wasn't scientific! Not sure how BGG was calculating the poll numbers), but I felt I had to go with the filmmaking one. It's a filmmaking game! As for sentimental (yellow), Romance won out with 63.3%, but I felt that was a bit too on the nose for that genre. So I kind of mixed that with the next-highest one, Musical, at 46.1%. 

Here's a peek at the artwork for the community vote cards:

Can you turn all 5 community vote scenes into a story?!

Note that obviously the art featured here is isolated from the rest of the card's graphics, and it doesn't feature the slight depth of field blur and film grain that I give to all the "celluloid" back sides. Also, I may still make some color adjustments here and there - for instance I'm not crazy about the way the ninja one looks, it's a bit low contrast for my taste.

Impromptu status update!

I wasn't going to go through the rest of it, but why the heck not?

Artwork status: I've done all 75 sketch sides of the scenes, and I have about 15 of the celluloid sides left to go. Haven't started on any other artwork yet, which includes the new Idea cards, new Problem cards, Equipment cards, and player board character art.

Layout status: The rulebook is missing the front and back covers, but it's been all laid out. Here's a peek at that (the blue lines are guides and will not be printed):

Random rulebook innard sample

Box: the box layout is pretty much done, though when the scene card and character artwork is finished I might swap some of these on the box out with new ones:

Box layout sample

Cards: All the cards and player boards are laid out except for their artwork. The new Script cards are 100% done (they didn't need very much new art).

Wooden genre tokens: I just received another sample which fixed my issues with the money bag and bat (the money bag's $ sign is no longer mirror flipped on the rear side, and colors on both tokens have been adjusted and look great), but the robot head still looks way off. Gonna have to ask them for another round with that one. I would add a photo here but it's night and the colors will look weird. 

Updated base game GameTrayz tray: GameTrayz has completed the design! I've now asked the factory to make samples for myself and the folks at GameTrayz for quality control, which they said will take about 15 days. I'm looking forward to testing it myself. I'd like to use sleeves that you would use - anyone have a recommendation for testing out the tray? I'm not a sleever so I'm not sure what to buy. Last time the ones I bought on Amazon fit the tray just fine!

Sticker sheets: I have decided I will include in the expansion stickers of the new tile spaces and possibly also the new script space so if you want, you can permanently alter your base game board. This is not what we consider the default - we're still including the new action spaces as cardboard tiles of course, as planned initially - but it's not a big deal to add stickers for those of you that prefer a permanent change.

That's it for now!

Happy holidays, filmmakers!

Your pal,


Pledge manager is away! Artwork stiiiiiiill happening
8 months ago – Fri, Dec 10, 2021 at 01:02:35 AM

Survey / pledge manager is launched!

Please check your email (and spam folder) to ensure you've received it. You can also find it at this link.

REMEMBER: shipping will be charged at a later, future date closer to fulfillment!

If you have any other questions or issues, don't hesitate to reach out to me at I'll be your huckleberry 🤠

Artworking continues!

A small selection of this week's output

These days I'm spending 3-4 days of the week, 6-7 hours a day, just doing Roll Camera expansion artwork. I tell ya, 75 scene cards is an easy number to type into a Kickstarter page, and it is quite something else to actually draw that number! Especially since the Scene cards have TWO pieces of artwork, one on each side. I will be more careful about artwork promises in the future! But I'm more than halfway through at this point. Haven't started on the new Ideas, Problems, Equipment or Production Companies yet, but those shouldn't be quite as intensive as these. I think...

And as I said, it's really really fun. Just look at all that crazy stuff I get to draw! Your Roll Camera movies are about to get WAY more interesting.

That's it for now, back to drawing!

Your pal


Community Choice Vote Up! Wooden Token Samples! PM Smoke Test Coming! Artwork Continues!
8 months ago – Sun, Dec 05, 2021 at 11:51:06 PM

Hey filmmakers!

How are you? Excellent, me too. Let's get to it!

Vote for the "Community Choice" Scene cards!

This is just a picture, not a real poll. Click to go to the real poll!

You might recall you upgraded the B-Movie Expansion with 5x "community choice" scene cards. Well it's time for your community choice voice to be voiced! B-Movie co-designer and developer extraordinaire John Velgus and I came up with all the subgenres and sub-sub-genres we could think of, and now it's your job to sort through them and decide which ones you'd like to see under which of the five tone colors. Go on then! I'll wait until you're done.




Done? Great! Onwards to the:

Wooden token samples!

Slight tweaks needed, but not bad overall

The samples of the wooden token addon/upgrade finally arrived, and they look super cool! I've had to put some notes in of course (the money bag looks a bit too bright, the robot's circle eyes should be filled in and the blue is a bit too dark, the bat is a bit low-contrast, etc) but they're minor - overall, I am delighted! The print and paint quality is high, and they're a nice chunky 3mm. You will have to spread them across both corner wells in the base game insert (and move the blocked tokens to the set piece area in the top middle) to get them all in, but they will fit!

If you want them but didn't add them on during the campaign, no worries; they will be available in the Backerkit pledge manager when I launch it. Which will happen soon:

Backerkit pledge manager "smoke test" going out today!

What's a "smoke test"? It's a system in Backerkit where I will send 5% of the surveys out as a test run. If  you're in that group and there's a problem, let me know right away! It's my first time using Backerkit and this campaign has quite a bit more moving parts than my previous ones, so I just want to make sure I don't miss anything big that will be hard to fix once all 4,000+ of you get it. When it looks good, I'll be sending out the survey to everyone else.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping is still not included yet, and will be charged next year! I know, it's a bit weird to charge for shipping so much later, but it's how Backerkit does things so I just gotta roll with it. 

So once again: if you get your survey in the next couple days, you're in the smoke test group, so please have a look and make sure I didn't miss anything or get anything wrong. If I did, let me know!

Artwork still happening!

I've made it through the art for 36 scene cards so far - just under halfway to the full 75. I'm still trying to finish all the art by the end of the year but it's looking tight. I'm just gonna keep plowing forward and see how far we get, that's all I can do!

I have to say, it's been really enjoyable doing the artwork for the B-Movie Expansion scenes. I get to draw stuff that I NEVER need to draw for my weekly travel web comic, and it's just very unlikely I will ever need to draw anything like it again, even for future games. That's because the B-Movie scenes are a mix of specific tone color and often two completely different genres. 

Just look at this one, which I think is one of the weirdest, most unsettling things I've ever drawn:

Tragic Horror Sci-Fi Scene card. Left: Storyboard side, Right: celluloid side (minus grain + focus effect)

But what else am I supposed to draw for tragic sci-fi horror?! It's great fun.

Should I do a livestream session while I draw some of these cards? I usually just put on a podcast and go, but it could be fun to have someone to talk to for a change. If you're into that idea, let me know and I'll make it happen!

Have a nice start to your December, folks.

Your pal,


Project files! Card artwork! Missing samples!
9 months ago – Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 07:26:42 PM

Files are happening!

Hey filmmakers - thanks for your patience over the past couple weeks. I didn't send an update sooner because I wanted to show you the wooden genre token samples that the factory made - but they have apparently been lost by FedEx because the package is now "indefinitely delayed." Crap! Hopefully they show up soon.

But I've been keeping busy. My first task was to set up the game files so that I could send them out to our localization partners. That way they can start the work of translation while I do all the artwork - as you can see, the cards don't have any art yet. The good news is that the B-Movie Expansion is 100% done in terms of game design and development as well as graphic design and layout, so as soon as I get the artwork done, we can get those files on to the factory. That's pretty much all we are waiting on at this point, besides the samples.

Good thing, then, that

Artwork is happening!

I've begun the artwork for the B-Movie scene cards, starting with these yellow ones. The video above is a timelapse of the art in progress plus my audio commentary. Have a watch!

My plan is to have the artwork done by the end of the year - this might be a more ambitious goal than I thought! We'll see. Y'all unlocked a hell of a lot of cards, hah! Once I've made some headway with the scene cards I will put together the poll for the community vote scene cards. I'm super excited for those!

I also need to set up the survey - that's my other priority:

The survey / pledge manager is coming!

I'd like to put a dent in the art pile first, then I will turn my attention to getting the Backerkit pledge manager all sorted so that you can confirm your order and pay for shipping. PLEASE NOTE: your cards will be charged at a LATER DATE - after you have completed the pledge manager - for shipping and any addons you didn't get through Kickstarter! Backerkit does it this way; it's not like a shop where you pay at checkout. Just something to be aware of for when the survey does arrive.

Where will I be able to choose the Spanish version?

In the Backerkit survey that I just mentioned, which has not been sent out yet. When it is, there will be a dropdown menu where you can choose English or Spanish, as well as your choice of the material for the expansion's box (recyclable or regular). All coming with the survey!

The German version, as mentioned on the campaign page, will NOT be in this campaign's pledge manager; for that version you will need to follow Spieleschmiede's updates - looks like they've delayed it until next year at some point.

Other minor updates

- I'm still in talks with GameTrayz about tweaking the plastic insert design to fit sleeved cards better. Looking good but nothing confirmed yet, still just a back and forth email chain.

- The base game cards have all been slightly tweaked. We made some minor updates to almost all the text and icons on the cards for consistency and clarity, and in one instance, closed an edge case infinite loop (basically, after taking their Playback action, the Editor must now remove the replayed Idea from the game permanently). We also changed the Problem card that requires players to stop talking to a different effect that is more in-game relevant. That's it! Only cards are affected, all other game components are the same files. All second printing copies of the base game will feature the updated cards. If you have the first printing base game and want the second printing cards, they will be available at cost (no profit to us) in the pledge manager, and will ship for free with your pledge.

- As I mentioned, the dang wooden tokens are lost in the post somewhere. As soon as I have them I will share - I have photos from the factory and they look SUPER COOL but I want to confirm the quality in person myself before I share them with you.

That's it for now!

Let me know if you have any questions. Back to drawing for me!

Your pal,


That's a wrap! 🎬
10 months ago – Sat, Oct 30, 2021 at 04:15:01 AM

Thank you for an incredible campaign ❤️

This was an absolute blast, and I have loved the ride you took us all on this month. Our movie is an incredible b-movie masterpiece, and you've upgraded the expansion off the charts! Plus you helped make this my biggest campaign to date, in every way.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you for your support, encouragement, enthusiasm, and just for believing in this project and believing in us to bring it to life.

What's next?

Well, thanks to you, I now have over 100 cards to illustrate! Oh my 😅

That'll be my main priority over the coming months - finishing up the illustrations for all the cards. At the same time I will be interfacing with GameTrayz about the insert tweaks, the factory about materials, samples, and costs for the expansion and upgrades, and our localization partners for getting the files ready in other languages. I will also be prepping the survey to go out in the next couple months, which will require settling the shipping costs.

I'll be keeping you updated - watch this space!

How often will you be sending updates?

For the next few months I'll be sending updates once every 1-2 weeks, depending on what there is to share. Feel free to poke me in the comments section or on Discord if you want more frequent news. 

For now though, it's time to celebrate! Probably by seeing a movie - I want to catch The French Dispatch!

Thanks again. For real though.

Your pal